Friday, January 11, 2013

Videos of the Week January 11th

A lot of music critics on the outside of Hip Hop looking in don't really understand the art of storytelling that goes on inside of talented individuals' heads. Sadly, the majority of well-written Hip Hop verse never see the light of day because that's not what sells on the charts. That's why when tidbits of reality come along like Jay-Z's @LifeandTimes series that expose the rawness and skilled sides of Hip Hop artists, I get really excited. Two of the biggest up and comers (@asvpxrocky and @kendricklamar) talk about two tracks on their recent albums that really hit home with them when they wrote it. If you watch anything this week on this page, give those two a chance because it's not everyday you get a backstage look at the artistry of a story within a verse.

In other news, @jtimberlake is back and @chuckisdope...or should I say #StillDope?
Decoded: Kendrick Lamar

Decoded: A$AP Rocky

Justin Timberlake is back!

Chuck Inglish & Ninajsonik in studio

Big Boi on ESPN First Take

Sellebrity Trailer


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