Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Gangnam Style of 2013? Pakistani Fishmonger's One Pound Fish Song

Just when people were starting to get really tired of Gangnam Style (and it's 1.1 billion views), here comes the next international pop sensation to America. Instead of a fly, pimpin' electronic artist from South Korea, we now have a Pakistani fishmonger who has been selling frozen snapper and mackerel for one British pound ($1.61) at Queens Market in London. Friends know him as Muhammad Shahid Nazir, but now he's internationally known as @Real1PoundFish man or £1 Fish Man.

In case you've been living under a rock and somehow haven't been part of the almost 12 million people who have viewed the viral video below, feel free to press play below...

In case you missed the back story, he got his start by being filmed singing the original One Pound Fish in the Queens Market. As of this week, he's now a Pakistani legend and probably making some serious back as a result of his Warner Music deal and single being on iTunes.

So what's the takeaway from this? I think my girlfriend put it best when she said, "Dammit, the world has figured out we like stupid music." That's sadly about as accurate as it gets because you're probably better off trying to record a random novelty video on YouTube than buying a lottery ticket these days. I don't think the video is going to get to the billion view mark like Gangnam Style did because it's not quite as entertaining on a comedy and dance-worthy level, but the lyrics definitely stick with you long after listening. To be honest, I have a lot more respect for One Pound Fish Guy because he's actually got a decent voice and seems like a honest and legitimately cheerful person. Who knows if he actually deserves it, but to me he comes off as less gimmicky, which makes me feel less guilty for posting the track. Take that for what it's worth...#OnePoundFish


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