Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I Just Hope You Put Me Back Together When I Come Apart"

After listening to @asvpxrocky's new release LONG.LIVE.A$AP, I gotta admit, I'm surprisingly impressed by the variety on the album. Even though I'm not quite sold on his sound and delivery yet, I am sold on his ability to tap into other non-Hip Hop outlets to give some uniqueness to his sound. When you've got tracks on the album the likes of @flo_tweet and @skrillex, you're including a wide range of sound and skill, which is sometimes hard combine in a cohesive way on an album. But he did and it's a testament to his forward thinking style to not be constrained like the usual Hip Hop up and comer may be.

What will go unseen about I Come Apart is the behind the scenes work done by Emile Haynie. I'm not pretending to know exactly what influence he had on the track below, but what I do know is the songs he did with the likes of @ducidni, @LanaDelRey, @kanyewest and @eminem have been some of my favorites. I'll end by saying that I hope A$AP can work on his singing/vocals to a point where he doesn't sound out of place on track with Florence. She's got a great voice and I'm not trying to say he needs to get on her level, but guys like Wiz, Cudi, Drake and Kanye aren't singers either, but they have the ability to pull it off when they need to do a ballad. That being said, I really enjoyed the collabo below...#LongLiveAsap

A$AP Rocky feat Florence Welch - I Come Apart (prod by Emile)


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