Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"Great Day For a White Wedding"

I hinted yesterday that there is a good chance of more @Timbaland to come in 2013 and that was an informed hint. Earlier this week he let loose with a new uplifting track called White Wedding via his Timbaland Thursdays Soundcloud. On the track you can expect a whole lot of chanting, some tribal percussion, a little Timbo autotune and enough knock to make a UPS dude proud.

White Wedding is the last of his #TimboGiftBag releases where he leaked new singles to the internet over break. One thing is for damn sure, Timbo isn't about to stop making uplifting party tracks. Matter of fact, he kept up his streak of new tracks by releasing a new track by his brother today. I'm running out days to post new tracks Timbo in releasing, which is a great problem to have...#Retro

Timbaland - White Wedding


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