Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Vava Voom Enter the Room, This the Tune, Bada Bing Bada Boom"

It's hard to describe the sound of the track below, but that's mostly because I've only started to try and wrap my head around this Dubstep movement. At first, it sounds like a bouncy, bass-infested Hip Hop track with carnival synths and a cotton candy coated hook. Then around the 2:44 mark, it flips the Dub-switch and @bassnectar does his thing driving the track into a wawa down spiral to finish the track. I'm going to play Captain Obvious here and say Vava Voom sounds pretty delicious if you've got a sub-woofer in deck. It's the lead single off Bassnectar's album Vava Voom, due out April 10th. Feel free and give his quick and creative album preview a listen below...

If you remember, this isn't the first Bassneck @LUPEFIASCO collabo I've posted. Couple months back I posted Lupe's remix of the Bassnectar produced track
Lights originally by @elliegoulding. At the time I had never given the time of day to Dubstep, but the fact that an artist I liked decided to dabble made the genre intriguing. It proved to be quite the gateway drug as I've immersed myself in the who's who of the genre, so much so that I'm now going to concerts. Now Dub-Hop doesn't sound out of the ordinary and it's safe to say this new kid on the block that is taking over party music has gained a lot of Facebook friends in a short amount of time...#VavaVoom

Bassnectar feat Lupe Fiasco - Vava Voom


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