Thursday, March 01, 2012

End of the Line For Sleigh Bells

To this day, I am kicking myself for not at least doing a little bit of background research on @sleighbells before I saw them open for LCD Soundsystem. At first, they seemed a little loud and crazy, but the heavy, high pitched guitar riffs exude so much energy it's hard not to get pumped listening to their music. I say that sort of tongue and cheek because below I'm posting their mellowest song to date.

The track is called End of the Line and a couples weeks ago they performed the track on @nbcsnl (below)...

Maybe it was a little awkward to hear see such a subdued performance, but to their credit they brought some serious intensity on their performance of Comeback Kid. Some would call a lot of their music complete electronic chaos, but I say they do a good job of mixing bubbly synths, with @ratatat quality guitar riffs and pop vocals. Really just a unique brand of noise that I can take in small doses, sort of like my 5 hour energy musically if you will...#YouHeardItHereFirst

Anyways, Sleigh Bells new album, Reign of Terror, recently hit iTunes if you're feeling like adding some electric flavored pop to your music collection.

Sleigh Bells - End of the Line


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