Sunday, March 11, 2012

JoJo's Sexy To Me

Suffice to say, any new track that I find is produced by Danja is an automatic post. Simply put, dude knows how to handle his craft and make high energy tracks that suck you in and make you move. This time it's @JOJOISTHEWAY's turn to ride the Danjatrain to success with her new club hit Sexy To Me. Even though I've always caught hell from the fellas for openly supporting her first two albums JoJo and The High Road, which we released when she was 14 and 16 respectively, it hasn't stopped me from writing about her music. You see over 18 women drooling over Bieber, so why is it not ok for me to be a fan of JoJo's music when she's just as talented? #DoubleStandard

Matter of fact I saw an interesting de-motivational poster that touches on this very subject. Don't even get me started on Twilight...
I digress, but what's really important is that you know JoJo has an album coming out titled Jumping Trains due out in April. In case you missed it, back in September she released her lead single from the album titled Disaster, which served as more of a powerfully emotional ballad and showed off her vocals a bit.

If you were to ask me, I'd pick her new single over the lead single, but I'm biased because of the Danja beat. Still with names like @only1darkchild, @boi1da, and @timbaland listed on the production credits for her new album, you better believe I'll eagerly waiting for April to come...#DontSleepOnIt

JoJo - Sexy To Me (prod by Danja)


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