Saturday, March 10, 2012

Biebs Knows How to Live His Life

I used to think that @FAREASTMOVEMENT was relevant solely because of the stupid dope production of @thecataracs, but now I'm starting to think they're simple a living breathing placeholder for upbeat dance music. Think about it, what more do you need to make it in pop music when your group can dance and you have all sorts of legendary beat makers like the aforementioned Cataracs, @RedOne, @MrBangladesh and @davidguetta crafting hits for you? Shoot a @justinbieber cameo is icing on the cake when you continually churn out solid club hits.

The below track, Live My Life, will serve as their lead single off their upcoming album Dirty Bass, which should hit shelves in May. Isn't it fitting too that just as Biebs turned 18 last month and bought a $10.8 milli crib, he happened to provide a hook that's all about livin' your life? Hey play on playa, 18 million Twitter followers and you made about $3 million per follower last year, which makes you officially the most ballin' 18 year old on the planet...#LiveYourLifeSon

Far East Movement feat Justin Bieber - Live My Life (prod by RedOne)


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