Sunday, March 04, 2012

Wiz Says No To Drugs...Well Sort Of

It's not everyday you hear an anti-drug anthem from one of the most well known celebrity stoners. I say anti-drug because @RealWizKhalifa makes a very clear distinction in the track that he says capitol N-O! to any drug other than marijuana, which isn't considered a drug to him. Maybe 5-10 years ago saying something like that would be shocking, but with every passing day it seems like more marijuana legislation goes up for vote as a new state pushes toward legalization. Not that it would matter to Wiz whether or not his habit is socially acceptable since he's been outspoken for years about his love for sweet Mary Jane, but it helps that it's less looked down upon.

In my opinion, his new track Mary x 3, off his upcoming mixtape Taylor Alderice due out March 13th, is just as on point as @wizardcud's weed homage anthem. It's every bit as laid back as all of my favorite tracks off Rolling Papers. From the methodical verses and sing along hook, it all works when put over the simple and calm instrumental provided by @CardoGotWings. Fear not Taylors, it doesn't sound like there's any sort of change in the way Wiz is going about making music post-Rolling Papers, especially now that he managed to lock up @darealamberrose this week...#HolyHugeDiamond

Wiz Khalifa - Mary Mary Mary (prod by Cardo)


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