Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"This Ain't Rated PG, This Rated PJ"

If Starships was the extravagant appetizer, Champion is the meat and potatoes of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. I say that because the lead single was meant to be indulged by the masses, whereas real Hip Hop fans will have more of an appreciation for the stripped down, lyrics driven song below. Usually I'm quick to pounce on a @drake verse, but I gotta tip the cap to @nas for going 187 on his verse. When I heard his new track, The Don, featuring a beat produced by the late Heavy D, I was hopeful there would be plenty more coming from Nasir. Guess I was right to be hopeful...

The track below will surface on Nicki's new album Roman Reloaded, due out next Tuesday, April 3rd. There are a couple tracks on the album I'm already fond of and will probably end up posting in the next week. Keep it locked for that and shout out to @dainternz for the smooth instrumental that does a great job of keeping it simple and allowing a few of the best to do what the do on the mic...#GreatLyricists

Nicki Minaj feat Drake, Young Jeezy & Nas - Champion (prod by Da Internz)


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