Thursday, March 15, 2012

"We Are Young, So Let's Set This World on Fiiiyah"

On a daily basis, I take a lot of pride in posting music that you otherwise wouldn't hear on mainstream radio. Whether it be due to the track not being formally released or whether it's sole purpose is to stay unreleased, I really don't like following the crowds. Not so much the case with tonight's post.

If you'll notice, I've got a handy widget on the right sidebar showing the current top ten list for most popular iTunes tracks. The track below by @ournameisfun just happens to be holding down that #1 spot with their beyond buzzworthy track We Are Young. The track (subtly) features the lovely and talented @janellemonae and recently surfaced on the group's debut album Some Nights. Before I go into my overly descriptive rant, feel free and take the temperature of the track by watching the video, which does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the track.

On first listen, you can't help but think it has the potential to be a timeless track. I say that because my mind immediately went to Queen because on the track they are able to evoke the same type of unbridled emotion that came out of a track like We Will Rock You. When the calming lead in gives way to the everyone-sing-along chorus at the 49 second mark of the track, I couldn't help but get a little nostalgic and think about all nights out at bars that I could barely remember in college. It's a song that goes beyond accessibility; simply put, it's a shot of youth to the old and a real-life anthem for the young. It's a modern day Piano Man because it's the type of song you'd want to close the bar with. I can picture me and a group of my friends with our arms around each other's shoulders swaying and drunkenly belting out every last word on this track.

By the time a new single cracks the top 10 in iTunes, I've usually written it off as just another great track that was chewed up for days by contemporary radio, only to be spit out months later when it's been milked for every last drop. It's refreshing to know that there are still tracks that fly out of left field and come out of nowhere before exploding like a nuke in our faces. The light is still bright on this one and I've got a good feeling that no matter how much of a beating Top 40 radio gives it, I'm still going to enjoy this one down the road...#Timeless

Fun. feat Janelle Monae - We Are Young


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