Sunday, July 31, 2016

"We Ain't Never Gettin' Older"

At this point, it's becoming a forgone conclusion that any new Chainsmokers single will ascend to the top spot on iTunes charts. How far Alex and Drew have come from those guys who could make a great remix to now being in the drivers seat of contemporary EDM. Their new single featuring Halsey goes where no other Chainsmokers song has gone before. More specifically, Drew rocked out the vocals throughout the track. If you're late to get in on The Chainsmokers, they generally outsource talented vocalists for hooks and verses. Not this time, though.

Serious dap is in order for being ballsy enough to say "we got this" by handling everything from the beat to the songwriting to the vocals. Even though their personalities would have you 100% convinced they are perpetually the life of the party, nothing about their talent as a duo is a joke. They can make music and even though they're getting into the vocals now, they never disappoint when it comes with picking vocalists to collaborate with. Basically Halsey is stellar and if you've ever hooked up with an ex and immediately regretted it, this song's for you. You know what they say, the bump into always leads to the backslide. Don't let it happen y'all, it's never worth it...#Closer

The Chainsmokers feat Halsey - Closer


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