Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"I Been Waiting For the Fire, I Been Waiting For the Storm"

I always have a tough time coming to terms with whether not to post ID tracks. If it's a concert version of a track and the artist is trying to generate hype for an upcoming track, I get it. If it's a situation where the artist is waiting to get their ducks in a line and someone not within their inner circle decides to share it with the world, that's when I start wondering whether it's a good decision to put an internet billboard up endorsing it. Keepin' it 100, not sure where this one lies on the moral spectrum, but I was moved enough to feel like you needed to be warned of its arrival.

Before you get all pumped for another Major Lazer club banger, consider yourself forewarned that this one is much more of a mellow, melodic track. Knowing that, it's still about as smooth and catchy as it gets for dance music in 2016. Can't say for sure who to credit on the vocals, but we'll know soon enough when this gets its official time in the limelight with a legit release. Until then, feel free and wear out the Soundcloud tires on this somewhat HQ version...#MajorLazer

Major Lazer - ID


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