Monday, July 25, 2016

"Hello, Would You Pick Up the Phone?"

With political views as omnipotent as air these days, you could imagine what a new single from Lupe Fiasco would sound like. Yet another emotionally charged, pointed lyrical assault airing out all the ills that are eroding away the fabric of America?, not even close. Instead, Lupe used his unique storytelling super powers to craft a tale of loneliness and longing. With the help of stellar vocals on the hook from Eric Turner, Lupe managed to capture that pleading feeling of really wanting someone you love to answer your call and getting no answer. The tone of the hook drifts from hopeful to downright angry, which is a feeling we've all experienced at some point. If you're looking for a sign that Lupe is still capable of making emotional, thought provoking music then you're going to enjoy Pick Up the Phone...#PickUpThePhone

Lupe Fiasco feat Eric Turner - Pick Up The Phone


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