Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mat Zo Says No Thank You To Vanilla EDM

With EDM becoming a household genre, I'm finding myself constantly on the look out for interesting dance music that finds a way to distinguish itself from the crowded mess of over-synthesis. Experimentation within the genre by artists like Baauer and RL Grime are the banana chocolate habanero basil flavors I seek out tasting over the usual vanilla offerings. Feel free and throw Mat Zo's recent Punjabi infused heat rock into that mix as well. Sure, the serious secret service sounding, NSA sound bites seemed ill-fitting, but honestly, he could he thrown in some court TV audio samples over that beat and it still would have been absolute fire. If you're with me in believing that risk taking and experimentation should be awarded, head on over to his Soundcloud page to pump up Hello NSA beyond the 10K+ listens it's gotten in the past 48 hours...#HelloNSA

Mat Zo - Hello NSA


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