Wednesday, July 27, 2016

R&B House That Will Leave a Love Mark

As a fan of 90s R&B, I feel like I've been tapping my feet for the better part of a decade for the genre to evolve. Sure, there have been a few bright spots like Tory Lanez and TroyBoi who continue to serve up slow trap songs with a heavy dose of R&B influence, but generally speaking, it's been either non-existent or stuck in them mud. As I say that, here come the Bixel Boys with Jarell Perry with a new house/R&B jam. Off top Jarell will suck you in with some soft vocals over a steady tempo leading up to the hook. Then, post hook, you get a steady dose of swanktastic bass, reminding you that the track is still very much hitting at heart of easy-listening, house music. It's not a usual R&B flavor, which is why I found it to be notable enough to share with y'all. Hopefully songs like this serve as a much needed example of R&B artists who have the courage to re-imagine a stagnating genre...#LoveMarks

Bixel Boys feat. Jarell Perry - Love Marks


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