Sunday, July 03, 2016

"You're Just Another Brick and I'm a Sledgehammer"

It's hard for any Rihanna song to go unnoticed, but when you throw the promotion of a major motion picture into the mix, there's a 0% percent chance the track won't be rammed down your throat. Enter Sledgehammer, the power ballad from the upcoming Star Trek Beyond soundtrack. Even though the movie is a little less than three weeks from being released, that won't stop the hype train from gassing up.

Three interesting things to note about the track. 1) Sia did the writing, which means she needs some dap for setting Ri Ri up for sucess. 2) The video follows the part movie/part music video style that's now commonplace for top soundtrack songs. I was expecting a few more cuts of the movie in the video, but I also appreciate that it wasn't entirely centered around the movie because that's what a trailer is for. 3) Who knew Rihanna was a big Trekkie? If you're interesting in learning more about how she grew up watching Star Trek, give this featurette a quick look...#Sledgehammer

Rihanna - Sledgehammer (written by Sia)


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