Thursday, July 28, 2016

"You Only Live Once So We Never Take the Day Off"

Over the years, Hip Hop soundtracks have went by way of the dinosaur. As a teenager looking to soak up any kind of provocative music, I grew up listening to soundtracks like The Nutty Professor, Friday, or The Players Club. The albums always seemed like a treasure trove of singles, which generally resulted in me heading to Sam Goody to buy the entire album. How times have change for both music buying and music compilations.

Until today, I hadn't caught wind of the upcoming movie The Land. What makes said upcoming movie noteworthy is that Nas took the reins on producing the soundtrack. For a bit of context, check out the trailer for the movie that Erykah Badu and Machine Gun Kelly both play roles in...

Out of the songs I've listened to off the soundtrack, my favorite so far has been Pusha T and Jeremih's Paid. I'm not used to King Push rapping on an uplifting track, but the combination of Jeremih's vocals, an infectious piano led rhythm and a few hot 16s, it makes for a pretty easy-listening track. If I were to pick a second favorite, it would be Erykah and Nas's soulful and rugged This Bitter Land. I've only listened to a few tracks on the soundtrack, but ready throw Nas dap for temporarily bringing back the Hip Hop soundtrack into my world...#TheLand

Pusha T feat Jeremih - Paid


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