Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Everyone Bow to Sensei Troyboi

If you were to pick a genre of music that most closely fit my tastes as a listen, it would be instrumental Trap. I don't need any vocals trying to make it better, just give me some heavy bass, some mellow synths, some percussion and a DJ choppin' it up. Like for example, what TroyBoi does literally every time he decides to release a new track. His newest on, Sensei, straddles the fence of being a rowdy, but chill track. It's have ethereal, high pitched samples, half calming 808 bass. The intentionally raw choppiness is what takes it over the top for me, though. Forget all this refined, over-synthesized music, give me a couple stutters and cuts throughout to make it interesting. All I'm really trying to say is Troyboi is dope and y'all should give him a solid look...#Sensei

Troyboi - Sensei


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