Saturday, November 08, 2014

Trap and R&B CAN Be Mixed Tastefully

A few years ago, Lil Eddie was on a short list of R&B artists that I followed with every release. As a vocalist, he's got a soft harmony that sticks with you and his song writing credits are even more impressive than his vocal talents. In my eyes, the architects of songs who write and demo tracks don't get near the credit they deserve for a lot of the top 40 music that ends of getting played. Feel free to lump Eddie Serrano into the group of ghostwriters who are the brains behind the operation.

Needless to say when I saw one of my favorite R&B artists collaborating with an up the dutch trap trio Yellow Claw, it caused a triple take. Although R&B mixed with traptastic drops can be a little jarring at times, I feel like they pulled it off tastefully. It's always a plus to hear some decent vocals that lead up to a massive symphony of bass and high pitched synths. Never Die plus the Waka Flocka featured Techno are both on Yellow Claw's most recent Amsterdam Trap Music Vol 2 if you're in the mood for a larger dose. The key takeaway is that when you see the Mad Decent tag, you know it's about to be a party...#MadDecent

Yellow Claw feat Lil Eddie - Never Die


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