Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dillon Francis Gets Drunk All the Time...Again

Having the audacity to remix your own music takes huge boulders. Recently Avicii remixed his entire album and it worked out really well because he was able to leverage the familiarity of the singles, while trying his best to take the songs in an entirely new direction. For me, it gave a whole new life to singles that had been overplayed so much they became hard to listen to anymore.

I'm not going as far to say Dillon Francis's Money Sucks, Friends Rule album is quite as good as True, but I will say that I like his new version of Drunk All The Time more than the original. The mix of high pitched vocals and synths blend well with the heavy post drop rhythms. It's not going to blow the roof off your doors, but the remix was a fun take on a familiar track...#MoneySucksFriendsRule

Dillon Francis feat Simon Lord – Drunk All The Time (The Rebirth)


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