Sunday, November 09, 2014

Never Envisioned Hearing a Banks & 2pac Collaboration

After 2pac died in 1996, a decade's worth of remixes and mash ups ensued. While a few remixes/mash ups were great, hearing many of his recorded words blended over damn near every single hot new beat of the week got pretty old. Luckily for us, the remixes finally tapered off and we were able to gain appreciation for his legendary talents through mostly silent rememberance.

Being an avid Banks fan, I fought back the initial dismay that I usually have when I see a new 2pac mash up. There was part of me that actually thought, "you know what it's been a while since I've heard 'pac's voice, maybe this will be good." And good it was thanks to Carlos Serrano. The original Drowning beat didn't strike me as a Hip Hop friendly beat, but therein lies the creativity in Carlos's mashup with 2pac's Thugz Mansion verses. I never envisioned hearing or, better yet, enjoying Banks singing the hook on a 2pac track, but I'm better off now after hearing Thugz Drowning...#ThugzDrowning

2Pac vs. Banks - Thugz Drowning (Carlos Serrano Mix)


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