Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Copper Tried to Knock Us Off, We Still Movin' Bass"

I remember the days when gigantic Hip Hop collaborations between artists and producers were as common as bread on a sandwich. Nowadays, unless your name is Mike Will, you'd be lucky to get a big time collaboration more than a handful of times each year. Enter Timbaland, who decided to come out of hibernation to craft the new heat rock Movin' Bass (below). The track features living legends Ricky Rozay and Sean Carter.

Off top, the beat sets a quick pace. I could have done without the Phone Tap style 40 second interlude to start the track, but sadly, it's an upgrade over the Funk Flex tags. It's beats like this that allow me to appreciate Rick Ross. 90% of the verses he drops are yawn worthy, but when he gets on a great beat, he can elevate his game with the best of them. Through this track I got back the piece of Rick Ross that I first started liking back in the day when he was telling us all where he was from. Please Timbo...continue making music with other talented artists, Hip Hop has missed you...#MovinBass

Rick Ross feat Jay Z - Movin' Bass (prod by Timbaland)


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