Saturday, November 01, 2014

"I Got Her, in the Palm of, My Hand"

As much as I bang on R&B for falling off the face of the earth when it comes to being relevant in pop music, there have been some diamonds in the rough that have given me hope. Back in July, I posted Majid Jordan's breakthrough single A Place Like This, which was a noteworthy track at the time. Little did I know that three months later the track would still be a go-to slow jam that I include on most self-curated playlists.

After a few laps around Her , I'm now feeing the need to give a full listen to Majid's A Place Like This EP. It's a simple, but smooth track that relies on the Majid's ability to croon with the best of them. I found myself looking forward to the hook and singing after a few listens, which is probably the desired effect. I'll keep it simple by saying that out of the OVO Sound roster, I'd pick Majid over ILoveMakonnen every day of the week...#OVOSound

Majid Jordan - Her


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