Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Perfect Strain of EDM for Futuristic Animation

It feels like you have to have some sort of schtick to stand out these days in the world of electronic music. Skrillex has the whole spaceship thing going on with his live performance, while deadmau5 has always had the big mouse head. A lot of it is branding, but it's understandable why someone would see a need to try and carve their own niche in a genre that is expanding with new artists by the second.

Recently RL Grime decided that his new album was going to be known for killer sci-fi, space age warfare stuff. Every single release from his recently released album Void has been accompanied with some form of crazy futuristic airborne theme. It's hard to imagine any other type of music other than trap being played as the soundtrack to his animated movies, but suffice to say, the rhythms do the visuals justice. It's half head nodding tribal goodness, half loud raucous bass. Not sure about what you think of that mix, but in my eyes, that's a formula for awesome...#Valhalla


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