Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walter Mitty's Step Out Gets an EDM Makeover

Anybody go see that Walter Mitty movie with Ben Stiller? I can't say I have seen it, but if you did, you may recognize Jose Gonzalez's song Step Out. Press play below if you aren't familiar...

It's been a minute since The Chainsmokers came out with a new remix and I'm happy to say they did their job by introducing me to yet another new track. Have they sold out you ask? Well, seven figures changes a lot of people and I'm not about to say they have changed because the made an appearance on American Idol. I'm sure they're very aware of their fame now and like anybody who all the sudden doesn't have to worry about money anymore, there's going to be an adjustment. I've been fortunate to have a few back and forths with the duo and I'll always maintain that they seem like good dudes who have a uniquely personal and quirky way they go about sharing their music. As a result, I'm always going to appreciate their come up. Whatever happens, keep doing what you're doing Alex and Drew. Your music and approach are a breath of fresh air, so don't listen to all the noise, just keep making great music and that's all that will matter...#StepOut

Jose Gonzalez - Step Out (The Chainsmokers Remix)


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