Monday, June 16, 2014

Ma$e and Timbo Make Me Miss Hip Hop

Every now and again, there's a Hip Hop track that takes me back to the days of the Millenium when great Hip Hop used to grow on trees. You had countless great producers making even the most average rapper a superstar. One of them who made a living off of it was Timbaland who has about as distinct of a sound in music. At least once a year I find myself wondering what would have happened if he and Aaliyah would have continued making great music together.

While the new song by up and comer Jo'zzy isn't exactly a substitute for anything Aaliyah did, the sheer fact that Ma$e and Timbaland got on a track together drummed up the Hip Hop nostalgia all over again. If you're wanting just the dessert portion, feel free to fast forward to the 1:45 mark where Ma$e drops a memorable verse. It's not a hall of fame effort, but there's clearly something still there talent wise. I really hope he continues his way back into the limelight and a couple hall of fame producers come out of the woodwork to support him in his conquest. Even if he doesn't fully make it back, I can't complain, I'm satisfied with the small slice of the past below...#TrynaWife

Jo’zzy ft. Timbaland & Ma$e – Tryna Wife


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