Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Don't You Dare Come Crawling Back"

From the moment I heard Taio Cruz's first album Departure back in 2008, I knew I was a fan. Back then it seemed like listenable R&B grew on trees and now it's like trying to find a cassette player at a house party. What I'm now appreciating more and more about his music is how much it has branched off into different styles. Take for example, his new Dr. Luke produced single Don't You Dare. Back in the day I wouldn't have thought he'd be capable of a slightly acoustic, bluegrass-y dance hit. Now, thanks much in part to Avicii, there's clearly an opportunity for success when mixing the two genres. The track feels like a mid-tempo ballad, but when the beat picks up for the hook, it feels like a club-friendly sing along. While this is a no-brainer top 40 hit, I see many EDM remixes on the horizon...#DontYouDare

Taio Cruz - Don't You Dare (prod by Dr. Luke)


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