Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"We Are the Fortunate Ones Imitations of Re-bel-li-on"

Over the past two decades, I've briefly went in and out of a few rock phases. I say rock, but what I mean is Linkin Park and their brand of rock/Hip Hop/pop. Their previous two albums have been decent, but their new album has fans really excited because they are getting back to their rock roots. It has everything you'd want in a Linkin track with some Chester yelling and on point production led by Mike Shinoda. In about two weeks, The Hunting Party will hit shelves with Rebellion leading the way as the most hype Linkin Park single in years...#TheHuntingParty

Linkin Park feat Daron Malakian - Rebellion (prod by Brad Delson & Mike Shinoda)


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