Saturday, June 07, 2014

Disclosure Was Just Frontin'

I can appreciate a good throwback remix like Disclosure's remix of Pharrell and Jay Z's Frontin'. Shoot, the original version was released back in 2003, making it over a decade old. Call me old, but it doesn't seem like that long ago and in general, it speaks to the longevity of Pharrell as an artist. He has reinvented himself in a much more funk filled incarnation the past few years, but he's been making great music for well over a decade now.

As far as Disclosure is concerned, they strike me as the leaders of the deep house movement. As the movement has gained steam over the past two or so years in the US, they have been leading the way in brining their style across the pond from the UK. I applaud the way they transformed the original version of Frontin' into a slightly more uptempo, chilled out version. You can bet this will resonate with those like me who have been drifting from Hip Hop toward EDM since the millenium...#Frontin

Pharrell ft. Jay Z - Frontin' (Disclosure Re-Work)


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