Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Bend Ova Make Ya Knees Touch Ya Elbows"

When I think of people reinventing themselves, I think of baseball pitchers who may have lost a few MPH on the fastball and need to be crafty to succeed in the twilight of their career. C.C. Sabathia comes to mind as a pitcher who sees the end of the tunnel coming and is being forced to use new tricks to get hitters out. What does this have to do with a new Lil Jon song you ask? Well, after the Crunk movement died down over the past decade, he has more or less faded into the background. Now, all the sudden, trap music is becoming huge, which has kicked open the door of opportunity for the King of Crunk. Now, his style of yelling over hype beats fits again and he's finding a way to jump back into the limelight.

Make no bones about it, his new single featuring Tyga and production from DJ Kronic will be a huge hit. It has an unabashed energy about it that sucks you in from the rowdy beginning. The yelling is just catchy and repeatable enough to embed itself in your brain. Sometimes I toss around the term "summer anthem" lightly, but Bend Ova is about as sure of a bet as Brazil or Argentina making the world cup final...#BendOva

Lil Jon feat Tyga - Bend Ova (prod by DJ Kronic)


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