Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Collin McLoughlin Plants His Own White Flag

Generally, when an artists remixes a classic track they find a way to incorporate parts of the original track. Usually it's the vocals, sometimes it's the beat, but on rare occasions, it's just the lyrics. And here's where Collin McLoughlin takes a left turn when he sees everyone else take a right. He not only produced the easy-listening, drum and bass flavored instrumental, he took it a step further by doing the vocals too.

Don't get it twisted, Dido's vocals are off the charts and while Collin did his thing, trying to equal her original effort wouldn't be a worthwhile task. Still, his version succeeds in its simplicity and is a refreshing take on a classic track. If you take nothing away from this post, know that Collin McLoughlin is a multi-talented dude...more talented than both your favorite DJ and vocalist...#FreeDownload

Collin McLoughlin - White Flag (Remix)


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