Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"I'm a Black Man, I Could Dunk"

Quite a week for your homeboy Frank Ocean. The same week that he gets sued by Chipotle and begrudgingly pays back said fine-quick-service-dining chain back with a blunt statement on the check, he gets into a fun new mess of a track put together by Converse. Check the video below for a behind the scenes look at the making of the track...
At this point I would compare Converse to one of those kids who went to the soft drink fountain indulging in every flavor imaginable. Last we heard from them, they were mixing Gorillaz, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and Andre 3000 on Do Ya Thing. Now they're on to bigger and better things with Diplo, Frank Ocean and Mick Jones/Paul Simonon from The Clash. The track is a mix of reggae and soul with a punk finish. It has a fun Indie vibe to it that makes the whole mash-up palatable. Who know what they will come up with next, but I'll say that I'm at least a little curious...#Converse

Diplo, Frank Ocean, and Mick Jones/Paul Simonon of The Clash - Hero


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