Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bobby Ray is Constantly on the Come Up

When B.O.B. puts his mind to it and makes soulful, thoughtful music, there aren't many on God's green earth who can compete with him. The most recent example of that is his church organ aided, take 'em to church anthem Get It. To put it frankly, the sample taken from Jimmy Cliff's Many Rivers To Cross provided an excellent canvas for Bobby Ray to assert himself on. Check the sample below...

The fact that B.O.B. is offering the track up for free leads me to believe that it isn't intended to be a lead single off an upcoming album. Still, it's a great listen because the combination of verses and uplifting vibe isn't something you hear everyday. Man, I hope there's a lot more of this to come from Bobby Ray in 2014...#GetIt

B.O.B. - Get It


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