Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"This Ain't Love, It's Clear to See"

Maaaaaaaannn, anything Sam Smith creates these days is untouchable. Track after track, I'm left thinking, how can he keep up this ridiculous run of great tracks? I still have yet to eject his classic Nirvana from the latest ongoing playlist I put together. Following up his previous two singles Lay Me Down and Money on My Mind, he delivered a roundhouse kick of soul with Stay With Me.

From the first gentle piano notes, you just knew it was going to be a great track. What I didn't expect was the welcome boost from the backup singers on the track. Don't worry you also get the usual high octane vocals from Sam that put on full display his versatility. If you're not on pins and needles by the 2:10 mark when he flies solo acapella, then we simply don't see eye to eye musically my friend. I'm going to continue patiently waiting the release of his debut album In the Lonely Hour while I cool out to his new one below a few more times...#StayWithMe


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