Saturday, March 29, 2014

Flute Driven, Chill House

With every passing day, I feel more and more like that kid who grabbed the end of the kite string, only to be led around by the wind on a wild adventure. The wind that I speak of is the current state of EDM. It's a powerful force right now that continues to rapidly change directions and take the form of many different manifestations.

One of the manifestations I'm really starting to take a liking to is Chill House. The use of synthesizers as the foundation for easy listening music driven by woodwinds has a lot of potential in my mind. I posted a Sam Feldt remix of Mumford and Sons a few weeks back, but he's starting to emerge as a stand out artist. His new track with De Hofnar is cheerfully upbeat, marked by a memorable symphony of flutes and cascade of strings that take you on an adventure. If you're looking to rage, this one definitely wouldn't make the playlist, but it works in any other setting because of how seamlessly it's put together...#Bloesem

Sam Feldt & De Hofnar - Bloesem (Original Mix)


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