Sunday, March 16, 2014

Timeflies Conquers Pompeii

I tell you what, Timeflies is making a pretty convenient argument that remixing other well-known singles in a unique way might be all you need to be successful as an artist. I say that with two caveats:
1) they also are capable of making their own great music, so they aren't just a one trick pony and
2) their unique blend of Hip Hop and pop isn't easy to duplicate when remixing non-Hip Hop songs. Plus, Cal can sing, rap and perform to the camera like he does every Tuesday (below)...

Did they do it better than Bastille? No, I wouldn't go that far, but I will concede that they made the song likeable in a completely different way. What was originally a high-yield, pop-rock ballad, is now a fun, sing-songy winter anthem. It seems all too perfect to match the general melancholy sentiment caused by the brisk winter with original chord progression from Pompeii. Did I catch a "snowpacalypse" somewhere in there too?...#AllTheWay

Timeflies - Pompeii


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