Sunday, March 09, 2014

Divergence Continues With Kendrick & Tame Impala

When the tracklist for the Divergent Soundtrack found its way on the internet a few weeks back, the track below was one that I circled with a red pen. Not just because Kendrick Lamar is on top of his game...and Hip Hop for that matter, but because he was collaborating with up-and-coming Australian Indie group Tame Impala. Before you jump to pressing play below, take note that Backwards is a remake of Tame Impala's single Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. Video below for those who aren't aware of the original...
My first reaction when hearing the original was "how old is this because it sounds like it is straight from the 70s?" Taking it one step further, if you like either the original, you need to check out Say Lou Lou's cover of the track, which is every bit as awesome as both versions in this post.

The track may only be a few years old, but it has a throwback vibe to it that adds to the intrigue of Kendrick presence on the new version. You better believe he spits with vigor on the track, yet he finds a way to keep the storytelling accessible by resisting needless vulgarity. It's sad that it's a challenge for most Hip Hop artists to tell a compelling story without raging vulgarity, but this is yet another great example of why we should appreciate the talent of Compton's Prince. Oh and tally another +1 to the Divergent Soundtrack that drops in less than 48 hours...#DivergentSoundtrack

Kendrick Lamar & Tame Impala – Backwards


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