Monday, March 24, 2014

The Black Keys Unleash the Fever

It helps to have a sound that everybody recognizes as soon as a song starts. The Black Keys' bluesy, indie rock style is a great example of having a staple sound. The duo from Akron, Ohio have released seven albums, which have subsequently let to seven Grammys over the past twelve years. There's no doubting that when they burst onto the scene over a decade ago, they filled a void in music at the time and have continued to expand on that recent success with each release.

Their next release just happens to be coming later this spring in the form of Turn Blue. The first glimpse we have of their upcoming album found its way onto the internet today. Fever is equipped with the same thumping garage rock sound they have crafted over the years. There's enough blues in the mix to induce toe tapping and the quirky synths give the track some personality. May 13th is coming soon enough, let's hope the album dedicated to a Cleveland late night TV host from the 1960s named Ghoulardi ends up living up to expectations...#TurnBlue


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