Sunday, February 02, 2014

"Make Yourself Bigger Like Mushroom, Mario Kart"

There was a low quality video of a new track between Major Lazer and Pharrell released last month via Holy Ship called Aerosol Can. This week the studio version of the track found it's way on the internet and it's as bangin' as advertised. When I say bangin', I mean it has a tribal, rhythmic vibe to it with plenty of bass. I'm not going to even try to classify this into a genre. It doesn't need to be because it's that awesome. The tempo invites you to dance and the speaker thump will keep you dancing.

iTunes say Major Lazer's new Apocalypse Now EP will be released in a little less than three weeks on February 21st. Hopefully the leak will encourage the early release of the track as a single. Until then, keep on pressing play below until you're done feeling like dancin...#AerosolCan

Major Lazer feat Pharrell - Aerosol Can

Major Lazer - Aerosol Can


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