Monday, February 03, 2014

Indie Music That Will Make You Rush Into Love

God bless the Hipsters! Where would we be without their youthful spirit driving the Indie music scene? I know one thing, I wasn't planning on writing about Dale Earnhart Jr Jr until they started pulling in some of my favorite artists. Slim of 112 had me at Cupid over a decade ago and we all know about my deep seeded infatuation with the better half of The Cool Kids.

Collaborations aside, the cheerful, but heavy synths in Rush Into Love are legitimate super hot freshness. Does the instrumental fit in the 80s? Maybe, but that's part of it's throwback allure. Sure, it could be that I was thrown by a loop by one of my favorite R&B voices crooning over an 80s beat, but when you drop something like that outta left field, I'm all ears. Now, it seems I need to keep an eye out for new music from the tremendously white duo from Detroit with a name that started out as a joke and has subsequently continued to be a joke as they continue to gain followers. Word has it Daniel and Josh are going to release a Produce mixtape soon, but if you're chomping at the bit for music by them give a listen to their latest album, The Speed of Things...#IndieMusic

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. feat. Slim from 112 & Chuck Inglish - Rush Into Love


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