Saturday, February 01, 2014

Crookers Are Not Afraid to Make You Blush

Boy have I missed the crisp, loud production of Crookers. Yes, I almost jumped out my seat when his new track Heavy became visible from my neighborhood of the internet and no it did not disappoint. It may have taken about a minute and 32 sec to hit it's stride, but when it did, my neighbors had to have been pretty upset about it. When I say it, I mean that deep, rhythmic groove of the bassline.

If you're wondering what kind of vibe they're trying to inspire, you'll get the picture around the 2 min and 54 sec mark. Needless to say, the sounds of a woman being pleasured will surely get a lot of folks attention and raise a few eyebrows. My critique of that is, are sexual noises grounds for the parental advisory tag? There is no explicit language in the song and although the sounds coming from the woman are associated with an adult, parental act, is it harmful for kids to hear? My opinion on the matter is mixed because when I first heard it, my inclination was to turn it down because hearing a women loudly experience pleasure is not normally a socially accepted sound. Maybe the uptempo, heart-pounding build up leading to the climactic release contributes to the feeling of explicitness. I really don't know the answer, but I get why the censor police would err on the side of caution by giving it the ominous black and white parental advisory sticker. It made me hesitate, so I'm curious what others' think about the social normality of blatantly sexual noises and how it relates to parental advisory.

Critique aside, the bass on the track will peel back your eyelids a bit, which elevates it to dope status in my book...#Heavy

Crookers - Heavy


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