Wednesday, February 05, 2014

"We're Giants in a Little Man's World"

I thought I saw something about Afrojack having a new song available via the Budweiser/Shazam commercial that ran during the Super Bowl. As it turns out, the song is called Ten Feet Tall and features the vocals of singer/songwriter Wrabel. Recognizing that the quick 20 sec Super Bowl spot didn't tell they whole story of the track, Afrojack's team put together some more engaging visuals in the form of a live performance lyric video...

It looks like the Super Bowl did some good because the track is sitting in the top 10 on the iTunes US Dance chart. It's a little more mellow than what I'm used to hearing from Nick, but serves as a suitable contrast to his latest party anthem The Spark. Between the two, he's got two top 10 singles in the past three months, which isn't an easy task. Selfishly, I hope his streak continues, so that I can start hyping it up as a top EDM album of the year candidate...#TenFeetTall

Afrojack - feat Wrabel - Ten Feet Tall


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