Monday, February 10, 2014

Big Boi x Third World Means a Reggae Party

I'm still not entirely sure what this whole streak of weekly b-sides that Big Boi has been releasing is all about, but what I do know, is the the remixes keep getting better and better. Never thought I'd associate Big Boi with reggae, but thanks to the help of Third World, he flipped Shoes for Running into a track straight from Kingston. And what would a remix be without sweet cover gif (above) and a trippy video (below)...

Watch out for that CGI snake around the 1:25 mark. That things comes right into your living room in HD. I appreciated the original cross-genre collaboration, but this track ascended to a much higher level with the added bass and reggae twist. I wish all Mondays started off with free-mixes this dope...#RunTh3World

Big Boi feat B.o.B., Wavves & Third World - Run Th3 World


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