Saturday, February 08, 2014

Might as Well Face it Skylar Grey is Addicted to Love

It's always a tenuous task trying to take another artist's classic hit and make it your own. There are a million different directions you can go with a song, but the challenge lies in the comparison to the original. When people have heard a song a certain way for decades, there tends to be an acute reaction to hearing a song sung a different way.

Case in point, the 180 that Skylar Grey did on Robert Palmer's classic Addicted to Love. While the original has a cheery, pop vibe to it, Skylar's version is much more quiet and ominous. The sing-songy, matter of fact tone of the original is nowhere to be found in the hauntingly deliberate cover that will surface in the upcoming movie Endless Love. Having seen the trailer in the theater, it seems like the vibe of the movie fits into the tragic love story category. Knowing that, I'd say Skylar did a pretty awesome job foreshadowing the cautious love story with her cover of the song...#AddictedToLove

Photo Credit: YouTube


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