Thursday, February 20, 2014

Major Lazer & Sean Paul Bring the Reggaeton Heat

Up to this point, I have posted 2/5 of Major Lazer's upcoming Apocalypse Soon EP. Seeing that the EP is going to be released tomorrow, it only makes sense to alert you to yet another bangin' track off of it. On the track, Sean Paul feels as comfortable as a monkey swingin' through treetops over the loud, reverberating reggaeton rhythms of Come on to Me. On the track, Major Lazer shows how they can take a really awesome concept (reggaeton) and stretch it to the limits of it's intended use by teasing in a bit of trap flavor around the 2:37 mark. Man, this EP is shaping up to be somethin' special, I tell you what...#ApocalypeSoon

Major Lazer feat Sean Paul - Come on to Me


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