Thursday, February 07, 2013

What is it With Hip Hop and Lollipops?

For some, new years come with resolutions like working out or drinking less. For others, it's a chance to start anew with, for example a name change. For Brandon Green, formerly Bei Maejor, @MAEJORALI was the new beginning 2013 brought.

And so Maejor Ali is now born to a new single featuring the interesting duo or @justinbieber and Three Six Mafia's own @therealjuicyj. First it was @liltunchi rappin' about Lollipops, now we've got another innuendo laden, radio friendly single about Hip Hop's favorite candy. Best guess I've got is that by talking about candy that children like, they get the Top 40 radio blessing, while still remaining Hip Hop by mentioning enough Hip Hop keywords like bands, molly, purple and trains to maintain Hip Hop legitimacy. All I know is anytime you've got the Biebs dropping lines like "I'm all fancy, yeah I'm popping Pellegrino" and "got your girlfriend at my crib watching Netflix" with Juicy J coming strong with "bands a make her dance, molly make her lose them underwear", you can count me in for that mixed rated mess...#Lolly

Maejor Ali feat Justin Bieber & Juicy J - Lolly (prod by Maejor Ali)


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