Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"I Know My Limit & I Ain't Had Enough"

The last Hip Hop beat I heard that was this bangin' was Clique. Interestingly enough, that beat was also produced by @G_O_O_D_Music member @Hit_Boy, who is responsible for the soon to be hit below. For those folks who couldn't tell what T.U. means based on lyrical context or the cover art above, it stands for "Turnt Up" or as Urban Dictionary puts it below:
thee act of getting drunk and high to thee highest degree
Yea you get the picture, it's a new word for getting buckwild that the kids are using these days. As if we needed another acronym to use during chat. Anyways, the track features verses from @ItsaPROBLEM, @AudioPush, @therealjuicyj, and is scheduled to surface on Hit Boy's new Hits Since '87 compilation album All I Ever Dreamed Of. You can bet that album is going to have a lot of good features and be just as G.O.O.D. as it sounds...#AllIveEverDreamed

Hit Boy - T.U. (feat. Audio Push, Problem, & Juicy J)


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