Monday, February 11, 2013

"It's Like You're My Mirror"

Ever since @jtimberlake released Suit and Tie a couple weeks back, he's been all over the place. Whether it's a pre-Super Bowl performance of new track or during and after the Grammys, he's been puttin' in work of late. In case you missed it, below is his performance during the Grammys with @s_c_...

As far as the track below, it's vintage JT & Timbo. Mirrors is on a Cry Me a River tip, in fact the beat has so many similar features, you might as well call it part 2. The duo are perfect at making each other look good with JT delivering the emotional vocals while Timbo does he absolute best to match that sentiment through instrumentation. Tracks like this are why both should be regarded as two of the most influential artists of this generation. Matter fact, last night my pops was all like, "JT is the new Prince." I simply can't argue with that assertion and in the end they might be revered in the same way...#2020experience

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors (prod by Timbaland)


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