Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Ghost Love Story Like Patrick Swayze"

No lie, on first reaction to the track below I did like a quadruple x 2 take. I'm talmbout like a Bruce Willy-style stop the car type of disbelief. Wait a min, Three Six's own @therealjuicyj and @passionpit...on a track together? Anybody else think this is beyond left field? Hmm...@wizkhalifa will co-sign on it, that much I do know.

Do the "ninja" references throughout Juicy's verse stand out? Yea, a little bit, but I applaud the effort because there was a concerted effort to not alienate Passion Pit's audience, which I can appreciate. In fact, the only word they might have to edit out for radio is in the last bar where he says "and her p****y hit hard like Ron Artest." In my eyes, even though on first glance it would seem like mixing ketchup with peanut butter, Juicy did very best to merge together strip club Hip Hop and Indie pop. Never thought the ambassador of "ratchet p****y" would end up being an olive brand to Indie music, but thanks his new friendship with Passion's lead singer @mangelakos, it all came together remarkably well...#ConstantConversations

Passion Pit feat Juicy J - Constant Conversation (Remix)


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